How We Work

Our office generally works on an hourly billing rate basis for attorney and paralegal services. This traditional arrangement is always available to our clients. However, If you are interested in obtaining legal services but suffer from “invoice shock” whenever you contact a lawyer, then we also offer alternatives for you. As I am sure you know, we are in a recessionary cycle that is far from over. It is clear to all of us in the private sector that we have to make permanent changes to our business styles to cope with a significant and apparently long term shift in the business environment. The legal profession is no exception. We all have to make adjustments to cope with this new economy.

For that reason, our office has commenced offering fixed fee/retainer arrangements so that our clients can avoid the cost reluctance obstacle when they need to consult with us about the legal aspects of their businesses. We have served our clients as outside general counsel for many years, and it logically follows that we want to continue making that service available at the right price. Accordingly, each client can now set their own budget in advance and choose the array of possible services it needs and the price it can afford to pay. In addition, if further work is needed beyond the agreed upon retainer engagement, our fixed fee/retainer clients will be able to obtain that additional work at discounted rates as well.